At any social gathering, our Dad is known for and required to bring his Bloody Mary fixings. While most now know what's on that list, our family is always stocked for the occasion. And now you can be too. Because this recipe isn't able to be quickly texted or explained in a phone call, we thought the only rightful way to share the love was to give you the full scoop. So here it is. Be warned though, once you go down this road, you're going to be a Bloody Mary snob and may ruin the restaurant Bloody Mary for yourself. And if you're a horseradish lover, you're going to need to experiment, Bob doesn't dabble in that.

In a hurry? Download the recipe here

So, next, when is a Bloody Mary a good idea?

SILLY QUESTION. A Bloody Mary is a great snack OR meal. It's the perfect "just arrived at the lake" go-to on a hot day, and it's the perfect way to hold yourself over til a late post-sunset dinner. If you've had too many drinks the night before, this is a great way to replenish electrolytes and balance your blood sugar - if you properly garnish. Hair of the dog is a slippery slope though, so if you start, and depending on who makes your first, you might just have another day of fun ahead of you. 

We often call our Bloodies "bloody salads" because by the time they're garnished to our liking, they're a veggie-lovers dream and often require a fork to get every last bit. And bonus, you get to enjoy with a chaser of whatever beer was used in the making, usually New Glarus Spotted Cow or  Totally Naked.

Stumped on where to get your garnishes?

For meat options, you're going to need Nueskes. If you're heading north to a lake destination somewhere off of WI Hwy 45 and passing Wittenberg, stop right at the HQ (meat lovers paradise). The honey ham sticks are delicious, but you can't go wrong with any of their meat sticks or summer sausage options. The cherrywood smoked uncured bacon is also the best you'll ever have. 

For pickled options, most liquor stores or liquor sections in grocery stores in WI will have you covered. If not, the pickled grocery section usually will have options - depending how remote you are, they could be bare bones but it's still something. And that's not the worst thing though, considering the beverage seasonings will soak into the garnishes. If you're passing through Antigo, the Green Hen has some delicious pickled options. 

Cheese? If you can't find this, you're not in the Midwest. 

How do we like ours? 

Bob prefers spicy, no garnishes & Miller High Life.

Kathy prefers sort of spicy, all the garnishes, any beer. Straw is a must to prevent burnt lips!

Laura prefers super spicy, all the things (more veggies than proteins), Totally Naked. 

Katherine prefers tequila (Bloody Maria, SUPER spicy, which requires extra tabasco, celery salt and Worcestershire due to the tequila drowning out all the other flavors), and a lighter beer. ALL THE GARNISHES, but likely 2-3 pickles, ideally of the spicy variety. 

For guests, we typically do start with the classic recipe, pickle, meat stick / summer sausage. 



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