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This best-selling design of summer made its debut in April and was a hit ever since. When you’re a sunset chaser, you feel the tug. Every sunset you don’t chase feels like a missed opportunity to witness greatness. Wearing this design is a reminder to seek what makes you feel that lil tug on your heart and anchor to that concept. Make that a big part of your life. And SPOILER ALERT: it’s not about ONLY sunsets, though I highly encourage fitting that into your routine if that’s what makes you come alive, but it’s about seeking the things that light you up. It’s about taking the time as often as you can, ideally daily, to chase the things that bring you joy. Life can feel busy and heavy and like obligation after obligation, but I’m a firm believer in the fact that we are not on this earth simply to live in a state of obligation. Do more of what you love and do that often.

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Our Chase design comes in a ladies long sleeve raglan, unisex tee, trucker hat, postcard, and the original tank (in white or blush pink).

Raglan Crew