Mother's Day 2018

Moms wear many hats, and some of our favorite versions of mom come out at the lake: adventure seeker, early riser, cooler packer, slalom skier, kayaker, napper, firestarter, skinny dipper, boat captain, wood chopper, lifeguard, charcuterie-board extraordinaire, campfire-song-leader, and all around most-loved camp counselor. Wherever mom fits in that spectrum for you, let's celebrate her the best we can. While gifts are always great (shop the Gift Guide), we'd love to have you give mom something extra special by contributing what makes your Lake Mom so darn awesome. If you have a longer story to tell, let's feature your special mama on the blog. If you just want to spend a few seconds sharing about her, contribute to our video which we'll release on Mother's Day! 

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Blog posts

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Love Letter to Lake Mom

Lake Effect Co. owner, Katherine, shares some childhood memories from her family cottage in Northern Wisconsin and talks about her gratefulness for everything that her mom does.

Reflections on My Mom & The Lake

Lake-lover Veronica shares touching memories of her Mom and the wonderful adventures they had together spending it up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  This is solid proof that love is found at the lake.

Dear Mom

Taryn writes a love letter to her mom for Mother's Day, filled with life lessons and memories from the lake.

If you have a story to share about your lake-mom, let's feature your relationship on the blog.

Or if you're a mom who has seen how the lake has been central and magical to raising your kids, we'd love to hear that too!




Words are never enough to thank our mothers for what they do, but if we had to choose some, what are some words that describe our beautiful mothers?

This Mother's Day, Lake Effect Co. wants you to come up with some words that describe what your mother means to you, by submitting a video of a single word that describes your mom.  

Submit your videos by May 12th at 3PM. Vertical videos only please!

Attach your video to an email


Send us the video through a direct message on Instagram

Have a word or two that describes your mom?  We'd love to hear it below, the more creative, the better!

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