Freedom State of Mind

Happy Veteran’s Day! To all those who have served, as well as the families who also sacrifice so much when one of their own is deployed or lost in action, we thank you. I am constantly humbled by your selflessness and desire to put it all on the line to protect our country and all we stand for.

When I started the Lake Effect Co branding process over a year ago, there was one component of my branding vision boards that was a no brainer to me, classic America. Patriotic. Red, white, blue.

While initially dreaming up and fine-tuning our retail offerings, there has been an increased focus on American-made gear as often as possible, even if it means cutting into margins, simply because it doesn’t feel right otherwise.

In the current state of this country, where a lot of people are rightfully on edge and afraid and unsure and [insert all the tense emotions here], it is even more important for us to support each other and the people who defend the country we call home.

When I’m soaking in the sun on a quiet pier from a small town, that feeling that I’m loving is FREEDOM. Whether that’s freedom from a laptop screen, freedom from a noisy city, or freedom from the daily grind, there’s an underlying sense of appreciation for the fact that in this country I am afforded these freedoms because people have fought for them. I am going to be so bold as to say that you also value your freedom, in all the ways you experience it, including in the time you cherish by the water.

So even when it feels like we don’t have a ton to celebrate, and the world has gone mad, it takes extra intention to realize that we do. I challenge you this Veteran’s Day to spend a few moments appreciating all that you have as well as consider paying it forward to a veteran in need of your support. Visit a list of organizations here and see what resonates with you. And it’s true when people say there needs to be more than one day to honor this group of individuals who serve, so any day is the right time to take action. God Bless America.

Veterans & active military, you’re always eligible for special discounts with us, please reach out for more information.

AND 11/11 only, every order over $75 includes a free MAKE WAVES pennant with code: VETSDAY

 American Flag and Lake Effect Co Make Waves pennant on a pier